Hi Paul!

I found out there are more than ten method to make Tau Hu, I chose the most simple recipe for you to try out.


150 gram of soy bean
1,5 litter of water
1 tea spoon agar powder

1/ Immerge the soy beans in water for 6-8 hour

2/ Clean and rub to get out all the hard cover out side

3/ put beans in blender, pour water to cover 2/3 of beans and blend until it all become like powder

4/ Pour another 300ml of water and blend one more time until all become real soft

5/ Now filter it by use a cheesecloth, the key thing here is a filter that can filter out all the residue

6/ Get rid of the residue

7/ scoop away all the bubble on top of the soy milk

8/ Cook the soy milk for 30 minute, no less, soy bean cook under 30 minute will be bad and not healthy
when you boil the soy milk there is mall trick, put a pair of chop stick so it won't boil over the top

9/ After 30 minute scoop away the top residue

10/ Put one tea spoon of agar powder in a bowl and with water and stir it up, let it stay for 15 minute

11/ Pour the agar bowl you just finish into the soy milk and stir until it mix together, cook another 2 minute, let it cool down and now you have a a little sweet and it ready to serve

12/ 300 gram of brown sugar and 300ml of water, put a piece of smash ginger and boiling up

The key thing here is how to filter so it will be smooth and have no residue, and cook 30 minute. I hope you will success this time, the only thing i find it complicate is do you have the Agar powder available in your city, you can use gelatin, the ỉngedient that make jell-o.