Xem đầy đủ chức năng : -:- The Perfect Night -:-

*vô tình*
26-05-2005, 02:09 AM
We walked along the waters edge
As the stars shone down so bright
Hand in hand together
Beneath the soft moonlight

We sat down on the grainy sand
Watching the waves crash
On the rocks in the distance
The water splattered and splashed

I laid down for a moment
Staring up at the night sky
Just gazing at the stars
Like glittering jewels up so high

He offered me his jacket
As I trembled with the cool night breeze
Then draped it around my bare shoulders
With the greatest of ease

I offered him a shy smile
My face turning bright red
Growing embarrassed
Of the thoughts racing through my head

I stared into his crystal eyes
They held me captivated in trance
As I watched the inner light
Flicker and dance

He moved a bit closer
I had to look away
My heart caught in my throat
I couldn't find the words to say

I felt him grab my hand
And whisper my name in my ear
I turned back to look at him
Trembling with excitement and fear

Our faces now only inches apart
The tension like electricity in the air
The moment seemed to last for eternity
It was more then I could bare

And then he leaned in to kiss me
His lips brushed softly against mine
I gently closed my eyes
A moment frozen in time

It seemed hours had passed
Before he pulled away
Again I found myself speechless
I didn't know what to say

But without saying a word
I said everything I ever could
I could hear what he was thinking
And I know he understood

And then he pulled me close
Whispered softly in my ear
"I love you Amy.."
And that was all I needed to hear

And as we laid together
Beneath the twilight sky
If this was my last night on earth
Id be quite content to die

The night I found true love
This night I wont forget
As I fell asleep in his arms
I knew, this is as good as life gets